Help Dan & Lisa bring

to PAX East


What is this?

We're definitely going to PAX East in April! We are making a push to offset the cost of the trip to avoid cutting into our limited existing funds. You can buy Dog Sled Saga in preorder or beta-access form, or Dan's side-project Dawn of the Plow to help!

What do I get for supporting?

For anyone who supports us (options below) between now and April 10th:

These might sound familiar to those of you who followed our Kickstarter! Not to mention that the game is growing fast, and the beta is - in our opinion - getting a lot more fun.

Hey, I'm already on board with Dog Sled Saga!

If you already bought Dog Sled Saga, there are a few ways you can get the bonuses:

Where did the numbers come from?

We want to sell 100 beta-access copies of Dog Sled Saga or equivalent before our trip. If anyone pays extra for any of our games, that'll count extra towards our goal!

If you've seen resources like, this might not seem like enough, but we've been very lucky to have help already with travel, lodging, and a few other aspects of the trip.

The goal feels ambitious to us, but you've surprised us before. If we exceed it, all the better for the trip and for Dog Sled Saga going forward!

I like Steam. Can I get your games on there?

Both Dog Sled Saga and Dawn of the Plow are on Greenlight! If you own either game through Humble (or or IndieGameStand in the case of DotP) you will get a Steam key if we make it onto the platform!

I bought/want to buy Dawn of the Plow on Apple's App Store or the Google Play Store. Do I get the bonuses?

Unfortunately this will be too hard to track on our end, but we will count any of those DotP sales during this campaign towards our goal.

If you're on Android, keep in mind that buying DotP here gets you an Android copy that's easy to update through Humble's Android app.

I have other questions!

Hit us up at or on Twitter, Dan or Lisa

Dog Sled Saga Standard Preorder

Planned for delivery 2014 | Website | Trailer | Greenlight

Upon Dog Sled Saga's release, you'll get a DRM-free copy the game for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

Dog Sled Saga Early Access

Preview Build Available Now! | Android build newly added! | Website | Trailer | Greenlight

Get the preview build of Dog Sled Saga right now and help us make the final release better!

Dawn of the Plow

Available Now! | Website | Trailer | Greenlight | Also on the iOS App Store, Google Play,, and IndieGameStand

Dan's recent arcade snowplowing side project.


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