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The road to Dog Sled Saga 1.0!

This is the first of several upcoming updates themed around major changes to the game. We've mapped out the rest of the game's development looking towards exiting Early Access and releasing our mobile versions. We'd love your feedback as we go! Keep your eyes open for the rest of the final stretch.

Major changes

Dog dynamics overhaul

We've made some changes to the ups and downs that your dogs will experience over the course of their career. Many stats have been altered to make managing your team more challenging and interesting.


  • Dogs gain fatigue with each speed drop during a race
  • Light fatigue wears off quickly with rest
  • Deep fatigue gained if all light fatigue slots filled
  • Deep fatigue lingers longer and affects dogs' happiness
  • Fatigue capacity increases with perfect catches


  • Stepwise only - no longer a sliding scale
  • Neutral happiness is "good," with upward and downward modifiers
  • Recent Favorite Thing gives happiness up
  • Different amounts of deep fatigue give happiness down
  • No more happiness cap mechanic


  • Skill warm-up goes up and down rapidly
  • Gives increased chance of Skill triggering during races
  • Warm up by training on off-days leading up to races
  • Training while at max warm-up will increase skill cap
  • Resting reduces warmed-up status

Off-day tasks

Instead of only waiting for the next race, you now must choose what to do with your dogs on off-days.


Enter the day's race for your league


Warm up your dogs so their skills are more likely to come out during an upcoming race


Give extra attention to your dogs so their fatigue will be alleviated faster

Currently, you may train or give care to as many of your dogs as you'd like per day. In a future update, you will be more limited, but you will be able to hire additional employees to help you...

Perfect catch changes

Perfectly timed catches are even more valuable now! Effects:
  • Increased skill trigger chance in race
  • Brief speed boost
  • Progress towards increasing fatigue capacity
  • Naturally makes your food supply go further

New dog breed - Samoyed

Another long-awaited sled-pulling dog added to the roster! Even fluffier than our Malamute, but with a smaller frame beneath the fur. Hire one for your team!